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tv   Today  NBC  January 27, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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back now with more of "today" on this friday morning. aren't we happy it's friday? the 27th of january 2012. it's a warm day, but it's a damp day in rockefeller plaza. but these people are not letting us rain on their parade. in fact, we have lovely guests this morning including this little baby right behind me. we should stop everything and look at this little baby. hello. good morning. there we are. what do you think? >> that's your moment of zen. there you go. along with that baby i'm ann curry along with carl quintanilla who's in for matt. al roker and savannah guthrie joining us. coming up we'll talk about demi moore. >> new details about what
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happened the night she was rushedo the hospital. portions of the 911 call made from her home that night will be released today. we'll get the latest on her condition so far. >> all right. >> also ahead, i can't believe we're saying this but tax season is upon us. we have probably all seen the ads of people offering to help with taxes. we have jean chatzky telling us how to make the most of deductions and how to avoid the dreaded audit. >> once you have done your taxes and you get the refund you may want to get away from it all. we have tips on how to do that. we have warm weather getaways to lift your mood and leave you a little something left over from the tax refund. >> all that and we also have a check of the morning's top stories. natalie is at the news desk. good morning once again. >> good morning to you guys and good morning, everyone. we begin with new allegations surfacing against the captain of the stricken cruise ship off the italian coast. his lawyer is speaking out to nbc news in an exclusive interview. here's more from michelle
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kosinski. [ screaming ] >> reporter: what exactly happened that night two weeks ago? it's been coming out in testimony before italian senators. the port authority alleging captain schettino, quote, wasted a precious hour giving contradictory orders. time, an admiral said, that terrified passengers. to board lifeboats. the cruise's manager says schettino called him after the crash wanting him to agree to an explanation that an electrical blackout was the cause. schettino under house arrest is, his lawyer says, deeply distraught. [ speaking italian ] >> translator: he's at a loss for the victims and cannot come to terms with what happened. >> reporter: but by no means is willing to take all the blame. a scapegoat for the mega disaster. >> translator: he feels bitter. the company abandoned him. he understands there are some
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reasons to justify that. >> reporter: why such a delayed response as the ship sharply listed? bruno leperoti says that schettino needed to fully assess the situation and make a plan which took time. >> translator: captains are trained to avoid making passengers panic. panic is dangerous. >> reporter: now we see more pictures of what divers face deep within the so recently luxurious concordia. this was the dining room tilted entirely on its side in dark, filthy water. divers must feel their way, searching for signs of victims and finding everything else -- bottles, candles, a man's shoe. the captain's lawyer said he deeply feels these losses and won't avoid responsibility if he made a mistake. after 30 honorable years, he says, at sea.
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>> that was michelle kosinski reporting. another fiery republican debate with mitt romney not backing down against newt gingrich. the two presidential front-runners clashed over immigration in the final face-off before tuesday's florida primary. gingrich refused to back down saying romney is most hostile to immigration. romney called the allegation inexcusable and demanded an apology. president obama will detail his plan to make college more affordable during a speech today at the university of michigan. meantime the president said thursday his tarmac talk with arizona governor jan brewer a day earlier was blown out of proportion and no big deal. he said it's good publicity for a republican if they are in an argument with him. secretary of state hillary clinton said she's ready to step off what she calls the high wire of american politics. speaking to state department employees thursday secretary clinton said she would stay on through any transition in president obama if he's re-elected but said after 20
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years in politics she wants to find out just how tired she is. and this is one way to pass the time while waiting for a flight. san francisco's airport now features a yoga room to help flyers stretch and chill out a little before boarding. one passenger apparently mentioned the idea to the right airport official who happened to be a devout yogi. looks like a good place to spend some time. five minutes past the hour. now out to ann, carl and al. say om. >> i remember when i was that limber. >> what's to prevent us having a little studio on the plaza? >> well, we'd get wet for starters. >> not today. speaking of today. >> we have nice folks here. what's your name? >> katie vay. >> not a great day today. >> no. >> let's show you what's happening. we have a snow drought going on. philadelphia has only gotten three inches of snow. last winter they had 37 inches.
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syracuse, 27.9. 113 inches. are you following me? >> i am following you. i want to see what it's like in the footsteps of al roker. >> 55 inches normally. a slight risk of strong storms in the midatlantic. rain in the northeast. plenty of sunshine. finally a break in the pacific northwest. santa ana winds continue in southern california and high surf advisories. cute kids here. you're moving away. are you in the witness protection program? where are you going? what's your name? >> natalie. >> what's your name? >> jack! >> and yours? >> hannah. >> and your name? >> grace. >> a storm system passing west of us will give was a good chance for some rain this morning. it will turn breezy and will get some sunshine.
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what's your name? >> annie! >> i know an annie. now inside to savannie. >> thanks, al. this morning on today's money, tax season. from finding the deductions to avoiding common audit red flags. it's hard to know where to start when doing your taxes but jean chatzky is here to help us. good morning. >> good morning. >> i can't believe we're talking about taxes already. >> and smiling. >> it's early. >> yes. >> we can get ahead of problems. you want to take all the deductions but not higher than average deductions which can alert the auditors. >> if your deductions are out of whack with income you may be in trouble. let's talk about the ones people miss so you can get what you deserve.
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>> first is state sales tax. i didn't know you could deduct this. >> on your federal return. it's particularly important for people who live in the seven states without a sales tax. otherwise you're probably going to deduct state income tax because that's the higher deduction. the irs has tables of what's an acceptable deduction. if you bought something big like a car, a boat or home improvement materials you can tack it on. >> if you do have a state income tax. >> you have to decide. it's either/or. >> small charitable contributions. they have to be the main deduction most people take. >> it's a big one, definitely. you have to pay attention. if you make a big charitable deduction of course you will get a record, and have receipts. but if you're constantly dropping off a bag of food at the food pantry or baking for the homeless shelter, that adds up. make sure to keep records and get receipts for those also. they can be meaningful at the end of the year. >> if charitable deductions are over $250 you have to show a receipt.
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>> from the charity. otherwise the cancelled check will do. >> student loans interest. students can deduct it even if the parents paid it. >> if your parents are paying off your student loans, whatever they pay in interest is considered a gift to you. you can take the deduction because it's your debt. >> but if the student took the deduction the parent can't also take the deduction. >> no. the parent can't take it at all. it's the student's debt. >> job hunting costs. people are looking for jobs. it would be great deduct. >> job hunting falls under miscellaneous deductions. they have to account for 2% or more for adjusted gross income before you can write them off. if you're out of a job and don't have a high gross income this works for you. we are talking food, lodging, transportation traveling to interview for a job. it has to be a job in the field in which you already work. first jobs don't count. but then you can deduct moving expenses if you go across the
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country. >> now we know why the tax code is so thick. >> it's complicated. >> you have to have significant job hunting expenses to get above the threshold. >> on that complicated note, if you're at a loss and you pick up a software program like turbotax it takes you by that and. it's when people try to do it with pencil and paper they miss stuff. >> exactly. let's talk about audits. first of all, how does the irs determine who to audit? >> the irs is looking for things that are out of whack. they do it by computer. if your income, for example, doesn't match up with your 1099s and w-2s. if your tax form is out of whack that will kick your return out of the system and you will get a letter you don't want from the irs. >> and they also a randomly select people? >> sometimes they are random. other times it's inconsistencies. not just with income but if your charitable donations look wildly out of whack with the amount of
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makeup you eamoney you earn thas a red flag. >> another red flag, the home office deduction. >> the irs has been successful in clawing back that deduction and saying, you don't qualify for that. here's the deal. you have to have a space that you use in your home exclusively for business. can't be the nursery. can't be the guest room. it has to be your principle office which means you can't have a place some place else. if you're taking the deduction because you deserve it, which you should, by the way, if you deserve it pause it's substantial, take pictures. so if the office becomes the nursery in a couple of years and you wait and get audited down the road you have the proof. >> you almost wonder if it's worth taking it today to trigger an auto. >> it's worth something. if you have the office i think you should take it. you should document it. >> the last red flag, business expenses which is right along
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with the home office. >> again, document, document, document. if you get audited, the paper trail is the best defense. >> great advice. thank you so much. tax season is upon us. up next, looking to get out of the cold? we'll have sunny, warm destination travel deals plus the latest on demi moore. new information about her behavior the night she was rushed to the hospital. but first, these messages. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what if we could keep enough plastic waste to cover all of manhattan out of landfills each year? the equivalent of 140 million trash bags, gone. by using new glad trash bags, designed with reinforcing bands to be stronger with less plastic waste, we can. ♪ it's a small change that can make a big difference. ♪ you bet. wow. man: do your simple return
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joy! [ female announcer ] special k now has all new personalized plans. you pick the food you want to eat... your goal weight... your timeline... and what you most want to gain. i'd really like to be the person i know i can be. [ female announcer ] all new personalized plans. free at what will you gain when you lose? this morning on today's travel warm weather getaways. a lot of folks are dealing with scenes like you see right here. folks thinking, can i get away to some place like this?
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claire newell is a travel expert busy looking for deals for your family and you. >> i found some great deals. >> i know. you say this is the best time, after the peak holiday season. >> absolutely. everyone's been away over the christmas holidays and new year's. january and february you can get great deals. these deals do not let you down. >> let's start in hawaii. you have a great deal on honolulu. >> the miramar hotel has a deal of $109. the reason i like this hotel, not only is it a great price but it's a well located hotel a block and a half away from the beach. it gives you a really good central location to see all that honolulu has to offer. pearl harbor, the polynesian cultural center and, of course, a block and a half away from the gorgeous waikiki beach. >> how are airfares? >> good at this time of year. from the west coast you can get deals under $399. >> now to jamaica, another great
9:17 am
spot. >> another really great spot. i chose a property called the rock house hotel. as long as i have been in travel which is far longer than i care to let anybody know, this is on seven mile beach voted one of the top ten beaches since i started in the travel industry. this resort -- >> you can see why they call it the rock hotel. >> absolutely. $160 a night. >> wow. >> state of the art amenities. if you're into a spa, yoga, pilates, you can do daily classes there. it's so fancy, bob dylan and bob marley have both stayed there. they have a great program that part of the proceeds go back to local schools repairing libraries. >> let's go the u.s. virgin islands. you have st. thomas. >> i do. st. thomas is often considered an unaffordable destination.
9:18 am
this is a great price of $168. it's a boutique hotel, a luxury hotel and a lot less expensive than others i found on the property. >> good family hotel? >> it is. it has a microwave and refrigerator in the room. if you're traveling with kids, that's a good price. >> really cool. next, the cook islands. we don't hear about that a lot. >> you don't. it's located smack in the middle of the pacific ocean. it's on an island called rarotonga again. >> say it again. >> rarotonga. it's a private island. no one on the beach trying to sell you something and the edgewater hotel is one of the best known on the cook islands. $162. everything you want -- pools, kids club. >> hard to get to? >> it is, but it's a bit daunting when you say the middle of the pacific ocean and south pacific. three hours past honolulu. well worth it. especially if you're looking for
9:19 am
r & r. spectacular destination. >> good for kids? >> great. it has a fantastic kids club that's worth checking out. >> really cool. closer to home there is a place you like, a smaller property in the florida keys. >> it's the island bay row sort. it's a family run private property, really homey. each of the rooms is actually a little cottage. $169 a night. it's the most expensive of the deals but each of the cottages have a kitchen. and a grill on the back deck. so you can cook. it's not going to cost you as much money if you're going to be preparing some of the heels. >> wow. finally, you have a nice western resort and spa in mexico. >> it's in san jose del cabo which is the quieter area. it's close enough to cabo san lucas for the night life but the westin, a well known chain. >> look at that. what interesting architecture. >> it is interesting. it's a beautiful property once you're there.
9:20 am
seven pools. three restaurants. three bars. everything you want and $139, the cheapest i have seen in a while for the resort. >> flights to mexico, reasonable? >> very. only a two e oh hour flight from southern california. so it's easy to get toond very safe. >> great ideas. claire, thank you so much. >> thanks, al. >> coming up on today's style, another way to stay warm this winter wearing layers with style. right after these messages. [ male announcer ] it sizzles, ready for anything.
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future by teaming up with friends and family to defeat villain nicholas quinn. will the series end in tragedy? will chuck and sara's romance survive? find out tonight at 8:00/7:00 central. >> that was rokeresque in the delivery. >> it was building up to the climactic end. >> much like ourselves. >> what's going to happen? >> coming up, bundle up for the cold. >> and it's all greek to me. a lesson in making spinach pie. >> all coming up after your local news. if you're one of those folks who gets heartburn
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> we had rain this morning. the storm system eventually moves through the area. our high temperatures have been at around 60 this morning. those will back off later this morning and afternoon. winds become
9:29 am
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♪ jennifer lopez does it all from music to acting to fashion and, of course, the judges' table on "american idol" where she's not afraid to speak her mind and disagree with randy jackson and steven tyler. we have no other reason to say it. we just wanted to say it. she's going to be here to tell us about the latest season of "american idol" and the other things that might be going on in her life coming up monday on "today." she's always great when she's here. >> she's fun. >> coming up this half hour new details on what happened the night demi moore was rushed to the hospital. she's said to have been releaseded. we'll find out what's next for the actress. we wish her the best. >> that's right. on today's style, the layered
9:31 am
look. you need to keep warm in the cold but don't want to look puffed up like the michelin man. we'll show you how to layer up in style as our model is doing well. >> and in the kitchen, are you afraid of phyllo? we'll teach you to make spinach pie and other greek goodies without fear. first -- >> i didn't know there was a fear of phyllo. >> i didn't know it was pronounced feel-low. >> i know. >> it's file-low. >> you say fee-low, i say file-low. >> what's coming up? >> staying healthy. five tests every woman should have this year and how making appointments for the check-ups is easier than ever. and love the names but not the price tags? from vera wang to mossoni where
9:32 am
to find high fashion at low prices. >> and a new reality show with a twist. two criminal profilers work with a convicted serial killer to solve murders. the show is called "dark minds." can the approach crack cases? we'll find out. and the books with titles that need to be bleeped out. go the f to sleep. stitch & -- you know what. are those expletives for impact? >> wow. >> and these are kids' books. >> or are we a nation of potty mouths. we'll do some hefty reading this weekend. >> i love how we blur it out and everyone knows what it says. >> fill in the blank. >> we're just smart people. >> al roker, how's the weather looking? >> i need this job. let's show you what's going on for the weekend. saturday, cold conditions in new england. cool in the midatlantic states. mild through the gulf coast.
9:33 am
we have santa ana winds blowing hard in southern california. sunday, mild conditions for the southwest into the gulf. rain moves back into the pacific northwest. lake effect snowshowers with frigid conditions in the plains. staying chilly -- why are you rubbing your legs? >> it's cold. >> like you're trying to start a fire. >> it's like "survivor." if my leg caught on fire it would be bigger stories than the weather. >> we just wanted a shot of jenna's legs. >> it will be an active was the day. maybe a couple of thunderstorms. partly sunny and breezy.
9:34 am
that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. up next -- well, today's special for a member of our "today" family. it is savannah's mom's birthday. >> i couldn't resist saying happy birthday, mom. >> that can't be you. that's not your hair color. >> that's my natural hair color. let's keep focused on why we are here. >> more importantly, her mom. >> to wish my beautiful mother a happy 70th birthday. she's the light of our lives. she raised wonderful, wonderful children. >> i can't believe she's 70. she looks fantastic. i'm so proud of her. >> i think we should give her a call. >> how about that? >> let's get her on the phone. >> she surprised me when she came on the show. let's surprise her. >> mark victor, can you dial the phone, see if she's on the line? >> hello? >> hi, mom. >> hi, honey. how are you?
9:35 am
>> happy birthday! >> oh, thank you, thank you. >> are you watching us on tv? >> you're live on tv. >> contindon't wear. >> what's on tv? >> you are. >> happy birthday. >> who is this? [ laughter ] >> it's savannah and al and natalie. >> oh, hi, al! hi, natalie! >> happy birthday. what are you going to do? >> aren't you cute? i'm watching -- >> we have amy and jenna here. >> hi, amy! aren't you cute? >> do you have special plans? >> i'm going out with friends for dinner and my daughter annie and her daughter are going to cook e me dinner on sunday and my niece and nephew are coming. it will be a fun time. savannah, i wish you were here. >> we do, too. >> my sister and her husband are coming next week. it will be a busy time for us. the weather is 75! >> everybody wants to celebrate. it's so momentous.
9:36 am
>> i think you have to have a birthday month. >> i know! why don't you all come out and do the show in arizona. it's 75 here. >> let's do this thing. >> pretty good. before we hang up they asked if your mom would be awake because it's 7:30 in the morning in arizona. my mom wakes up at 4:00 a.m. i said, no worries. she's on east coast time. >> my son cameron called me at 5:30 and i wasn't awake. he was in salt lake getting on a plane. thanks, guys, for calling. i'll look for you! >> happy birthday. love you. >> i love you, too. >> enjoy your day. >> thank you. bye! >> coming up on the fourth hour, kathie lee and hoda -- >> where did savannah get the gift of gab? >> she's darling. >> still to come this morning as we change subjects here, we'll show you to bundle up in style and wear the layered look. first, these messages.
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get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. it helps to have people around you... they say, you're much bigger than this. and you are. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. actress demi moore is out of the hospital this morning as new information emerges about what happened the night she was rushed there. nbc's miguel almaguer has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a 911 call from moore's home is expected to be released today. but for privacy reasons, portions won't be made public. this as we learn more about the hours that led to the emergency call.
9:40 am
with reports surfacing that demi moore has checked out of the hospital it's unclear if she's returned back to her beverly hills home. it was here on monday where friends say she had a girls' night in. >> demi moore was hosting a birthday party for a friend named heather perry. among the guest was jennifer meyer, toby mcguire's wife. otherwise it was just very close friends there to celebrate a birthday. >> reporter: the actress who's looked gaunt and frail was said to be tending to guests serving dinner and dessert but something may have been off. >> i'm told she was acting, quote, pretty hyper, even a little bit crazy as she left the group several times but did come back a few minutes later each time and she just wasn't acting her normal self. >> reporter: it is believed by 10:00 p.m. when all but one of the guests had left, moore began shaking, showing signs of a seizure. she was rushed to the hospital after a 911 call. per publicist saying because of the stresses in her life right
9:41 am
now, demi has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat exhaustion. in november, amid reports of his infidelity, moore split with ashton kutcher, the star of "two and a half men." thursday night he returned home to l.a. after a business trip in brazil where video showed kutcher having a good time. he tweeted pictures from the streets of sau paulo but said nothing of moore. >> ashton is concerned but i'm told he hasn't been in contact with her. >> reporter: in the '80s moore sought treatment for substance abuse but people magazine now reports moore's prescription drug use was a contributing factor to the end of her marriage to kutcher. one of hollywood's popular stars, first uh turmoil in her personal life and now a scare in her health. >> moore's publicist said the actress is working to improve her overall health. when the 911 call is released
9:42 am
authorities asked that details about the substances that were ingested the night of her accident be redacted. >> up next, we'll show you how to layer up. first, these messages. progressive saved me so much money on car insurance, this baggage fee is on me. did you check that bag? houston? well, welcome to savingsville. did you pay $25 for that bag fee? -yeah. -you did? with all the money i saved on progressive car insurance, i'll take care of that bag fee. you're so kind! thank you! you guys just landed in savingsville. [laughs] yes, we did! you made my day. do you want to pay our college tuition, too?
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>> announcer: today's style is brought to you by l'oréal paris,
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celebrating 40 years of because you're worth it. ♪ baby it's cold outside >> this morning on today's style, chic ways to bundle up. keeping warm is all about layering and jamie has tips on what to wear from the inside out. good morning. >> good morning. >> now is the time for cute coats. you say what's underneath is just as important. >> it's true. people focus on the outer wear and puffy jackets but the layer close to your skin is most important. you need a lot of loose layers as well. i know it's 60 outside now. >> right. >> i'm not optimistic it will be that way for much longer. you have to be prepared and i'll show you how to do it. >> and so you don't look puffy. starting with layering for the weekend, danielle is showing us a toggle coat and layering up with a casual feel. >> absolutely. here's what i love about this tommy hilfiger jacket.
9:46 am
invest in a high quality designer label. g go to a flash sale site. this is normally $229. on the site it's $110. >> wow. >> it has a detachable hood and inside she has a great down vest. a goose down vest is super cute. this is slimming from land's end. the scarf is land's end, too. i love that it's nautical, cashmere/wool blend so you can wear it on cool spring nights as well. >> i love the earmuffs. they're functional, right? you can play music through them? >> right. i'm obsessed. you can get them at nordstrom. listen to your music on the weekends and the boots are airsouls. they have the exclusive comfort technology and stylish, too. over sweat pant jeans. >> you look beautiful. we'll show you how to layer up for a cocktail party.
9:47 am
here is our beautiful model danielle. she has a beautiful cape coat. tell me about the look. >> the cape coat is rachel zoe for kwqvc. you can see underneath you can still wear sleeveless. we got out of the holiday party season. this is a great kacapelet in angora and wool. great special occasion wear. those are fleece-lined tights. >> really? wow. >> extra warm. elegant and beautiful. >> nice gloves as well and the beret completes the going out for a party look. you look beautiful. >> keep your head warm. that's important. you can do it in style. >> you look great. hope you have a good place to go after this. next for girls' night out, speaking of places to go, how about this adore bli sporty girl, becky. she's going out for fun with girlfriends. >> absolutely. this jacket is from kohl's. i love this look.
9:48 am
if you're going out with your friends you can mix and match patterns and textures and have fun with lighter colors. underneath the jacket is 100% genuine leather jacket. only $99 from t.j.maxx. again, you can get designer high quality, warm pieces for less. i doubled up on the tights which is a great idea. they don't have to be black. i did a solid cream and a great detailed pair on top. extra warm, extra cute. >> i love how she matches. you have the sequinned t-shirt with the great leopard. it all works together. >> as long as it's in the same color family you can mix and match patterns and textures. of course the faux fur scarf is great. >> you look fantastic. thank you so much. now layering for the office. a lot of us wouldn't think you can pull this look off at the office. we have angie with us now. she has a gorgeous shear ling suede coat. >> the shearling suede is a big
9:49 am
trend. it's loose and effortless. it's only $30 at marshall's. sitses loost and nice over your layers. underneath a turtle neck, a sheer blouse over it and a great sweater vest, slacks and a half bootie. >> and tech gloves on, too. >> those are great on the way to the office. you're sending e-mails. you can keep your hands warm and send your e-mails without taking your gloves off. >> finally, the sporty look. here we have given and michael. she looks perfect whether running or doing errands around town. >> women work out in the morning and then you want to look stylish, do errands. this is the bernardoo packable down jacket. you can pack it into a little pouch that comes inside the jacket. it's still slimming.
9:50 am
underneath -- >> looks reversible. >> it is. it comes in all different colors. >> fabulous. >> this is from brooks running. what's cool about their line is they really designed specifically for the runner and the athlete. depending on the temperature and climate outside. >> really quickly, adorable michael. tell me what he's got on? >> a head to toe look from the children's place. this jacket is a three in one. when you take off the first layer there is a fleece jacket and he has a little hand warmer which is essentially for the little kids. then the mohawk beanie. >> looks great, everybody. come back out for a one last look. you look fantastic. great job layering it up. you look gorgeous as well. jamie, thank you. up next, a taste of the mediterranean. we'll get a lesson in greek cooking. stay tuned if you love spanikopita. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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>> announcer: today's kitchen is brought to you by ritz, open for fun. >> this morning in today's kitchen, fearless phyllo. easy as one, two, three. you don't have to be greek to enjoy recipes using the dough. we'll see how easy and versatile it is. diane, good morning. >> good morning. >> it's feel-low, right? >> however you want to pronounce it. >> we're using store bought. >> it's easy. unroll it. that's if first thing to do. i will show you to make the basic shape. i will make you say it. it's -- [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> we say spanakopita. >> that's the big pan. cut a strip. >> say it again. span akopitaka.
9:54 am
>> right. >> it's greek. >> exactly. >> this is the filling. >> take a sliver. >> take one of the strips and the idea is to get the fear out of it. you have a cracked one there. not to worry. that's good. brush it with olive oil. >> could you use butter? the point is to have fat? >> you could but the beauty of phyllo is you get to work with a good fat which is olive oil. it's a great way to get vegetables on the plate like spinach, kids your things wouldn't normally eat. >> do you oil both sides? >> not both sides but each surface. >> i see. >> it's really easy to work with. very versatile. you could fill it with anything. >> what do we have there? >> this is the classic spinach filling. spinach, scallions, cheese, dill. >> the filling is easy? >> easy to do. >> put some filling in. >> you may want to watch me a little bit. i have more than i need in
9:55 am
there. >> oh, me, too. >> again, not to worry if it gets messy. >> right. roll it up basically like a flag. so you do a right triangle. you can do any shape. you can docileders, a big triangle. >> you could make a hat or a broach. >> we have about 30 seconds left. then what? >> put them here and make it off and it looks like this. >> that's a good one. >> this is a great sun dried tomato, greek yogurt and feta cheese filling. >> very versatile. >> especially for the super bowl. >> wonderful. diane, thank you. and my mom had no idea that phone
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